Are you having problems with your printing machine or are you thinking about reconditioning your system?

Then we’re the perfect partner for you. There’s no reason to hesitate, just contact us. Our service technicians with decades of EDELMANN experience will recondition your printing machine on site within just a few days and put it back into a profi­table state.
The process of a machine reconditioning could look like this: our technician will visit your premises to assess the machine. He will perform test prints on the machine and take note of any defective and worn parts. We will then immediately make you an offer featuring “Original EDELMANN spare parts made in Germany” and the necessary installation expenses. We will discuss the offer with you in detail and then you can make a decision about the extent of the work to be done. Of course your machine can also receive a touch-up and a new paint job. But when we recondition a machine, we focus on the heart of the machine, the technology and the functional details.

We are also happy to consult you if your Edelmann printing machine needs to be expanded or if you want to exchange entire add-on units. Of course we can deliver all required expansion components: Printing towers, printing mechanism cartridges, perforation and storage punch cartridges, processing modules, ink agitators, A4 cross-cutting cartridges, UV-retrofitting, retrofitting of electronic ink zone control, register control and much more.


A retrofit may make more sense for your existing printing machine than the acquisition of a new printing machine. Due to our continued development of individual components, we can bring your printing machine up to the latest standard of technology. The advantage for you lies in the modernisation of the machine and the associated increase in productivity while maintaining lower costs in comparison to a new acquisition.

Just contact us, place your trust in our 60 years of experience and benefit your company. Rest assured: when we recondition your machine, it will provide reliable, stable service for years to come.

Norbert Wilhelm
Norbert Wilhelm