The individual solution for any applications, first-class quality, absolute reliability and exceptional cost-effectiveness. These are the criteria that you can accept from your new printing machine. But what about the individuality of your new production machine? You can expect EDELMANN to provide you with a system that is individually custom-tailored to your requirements and that allows you maximum flexibility in completing your customer orders. The EVO-Print series with width variations in 430 mm and 520 mm can be configured exactly to your desired application purpose in the area of labels, folding boxes, continuous forms, sheet forms, package leaflets, sticky notes, security printing or general job printing. This saves money and time for elaborate conversion actions later on, because your printing machine will take on its allocated role in the product workflow from the beginning.

For Labels and Packaging

The narrow-web web printing machine of the EVO-PRINT type series with 2-cylinder offset printing inserts from EDELMANN Printing Machines was specially designed for the production of all label applications and applications in narrow-web packaging. The 2-cylinder system combines this ideally with the high-tech installations of the EVO-PRINT type series with 3-cylinder offset printing inserts with the special requirements for the printing and processing of sensitive materials in the label and packaging area. A high degree of automation, proven engineering technology and extremely short setup times stand for an optimal price/performance ratio and distinguish this type series. The extensive optional expansion modules for the versatile utilisation of the machines and to achieve all kinds of end product are impressive. The EVO-PRINT type series from EDELMANN Printing Machines are known to be extraordinarily reliable and attain a consistently very high production result.

Offset printing units

Numerous elements of its larger sibling, the COLOR-PRINT, have been used in the construction of the EVO-PRINT type series. Helically geared and hardened drive wheels, ink keys with motor-powered remote adjustment, motor-powered ink vibrator adjustment, infinitely adjustable distributor drive gear, alcohol film damping unit with automatic damping unit start-up compensation, dampening duct roller tilt setting, no expense has been spared, everything is included.

Flexo printing units and rotary die cutting systems

Of course flexo printing units can be integrated in the EVO-PRINT. Generally these are used in the first position after the unrolling to apply an adhesive surface or opaque white, as well as in the last position for lacquering across the entire surface or in individual spots. Flexo printing units can be delivered both with printing plate seating as well as with sleeve cylinders. The last flexo printing unit is partially also used to administer glue to apply a laminate across the entire surface.
The EVO-PRINT can be equipped with rotary die cutting systems. The high-precision rotary die cutting systems are usually fitted as bearer-to-bearer printing presses. Upon request, EDELMANN Printing Machines can also include OEM aggregates, which are selected together with the client. Special removal and collecting systems are available for through-cutting, particularly in ticket and cardboard box applications. Scrap web removal takes place either using a waste rewinder (max. 700 mm) or a web waste removal system available on the market that are integrated by EDELMANN Printing Machines on request.

Removal types

Generally labels and packaging are produced in role-role operation. The EVO-PRINT offers a rewinding mechanism with a maximum diameter of 1,270 mm. However, versatile special applications require optional removal types, in particular the format-variable scissor-cutting cross-cutters for individual sheets of 4″-26″, DIN A4, DIN A5 or the non-stop small-role winder mechanism. Both versions, both role-sheet as well as role-role, are offered by EDELMANN Printing Machines.

2-cylinder offset printing unit

The 2-cylinder offset printing inserts are format-variable from 13“-25” cylinder circumference with 1/6“ tooth clearance and were specially developed for the label and packaging industry. The insert, which consists of plate and rubber sheet cylinders, makes it possible to change a format without separating the web and reduces the format change per printing unit to less than a minute. Not only are setup times and spoilage reduced significantly in comparison to the 3-cylinder insert, the investment costs per printing format are also cut drastically. This is especially important when a machine is equipped with a multitude of print formats. The high offset print quality that users know and appreciate from the classical sheet printing area or the work with 3-cylinder inserts are maintained in this construction through the presence of bearer rings on plate and rubber sheet cylinders, helically geared drive wheels and diagonal adjustment of the plate cylinder. Of course the geometry of the web guide roll also makes the use of water-cooled cooling drums and UV hardening systems possible. Thanks to the pneumatic/mechanical mounting method of the slide-in cassettes, a format change can be carried out in seconds, without the need for tools. A special aspect of this is that the format change is perfectly accurate, thanks to zero point positioning.

3-cylinder offset printing unit inserts and exchange of cassettes

The 3-cylinder printing unit inserts are designed as bearer-to-bearers. This is the fundamental prerequisite for a perfect offset printing result. A special cassette exchange system reduces setup times to a minimum. The plate, rubber and counter-pressure cylinders, format-variable from 11″-26″ cylinder circumference with 1/6″ tooth clearance, are switched over to the drive side. Thanks to the pneumatic/mechanical mounting method of the slide-in cassettes, a format change can be carried out in seconds, without the need for tools. A special aspect of this is that the format change is perfectly accurate, thanks to zero point positioning.

Persuasive colour work with AIC automatic ink control

The inking unit is specially designed for the versatility of production possibilities. An ink application roller and a combined ink/dampening application roller, surrounded by three ink distributors with five distribution points, result in perfect ink application. The automatic inking unit temperature control is the basis for constant ink flow. The automatic inking unit washer system integrated as a standard feature enhances ease of use and makes a quick order change possible. The machine has automatic ink control (AIC) with motor-powered adjustable ink vibrator with start-up compensation. The individual ink keys are positioned centrally via a separate ink control panel.

Cold stamping unit and UV-drying

In the EVO-Print, a cold stamping unit can be placed both in the last wet offset printing unit and behind a flexo printing unit. There is sufficient room for UV-drying, so that, for example, machines with 3-cylinder printing unit inserts can optionally be equipped with up to three UV lamps. This is especially important when no cold stamping film is dispensed, which means that the driver position is needed to dry off the UV ink.

Almost unlimited application possibilities

The EVO-PRINT type series, available in 430 mm and 520 mm widths, is suitable for practically anything produced off the role. The main applications are for medium-volume print runs from 20,000 to 100,000 copies with a 24“ print format. The straight web guide roll in the version with 3-cylinder printing unit inserts that permit the use of UV end drying, the EVO-PRINT is also especially interesting for printing on coated paper and thus for general job printing. Whether you are using scissor-cutting cross-cutters, rewinding mechanisms, plough folding units, cross folding units… the technical machine speed for all removal types is max. 300 m/min (980 ft/min).