Our Service

The spare parts business is a fundamental pillar of our company. At this point, EDELMANN PRINTING MACHINES has sold around 2,500 roll printers and 10,000 sheet-fed printers of the “Praktika” series worldwide and offers immediate help via its service department, which among other things includes a quick inspection of the problem by qualified, experienced professionals. Our production sites are located in Germany, thus guaranteeing “just-in-time” delivery of the required spare parts to repair the machine and put it back in operation as quickly as possible.

Spare parts: just in time
Thanks to the high production depth and our after-sales service team, our regional representatives worldwide can ensure that spare parts are available at short notice, so that customers‘ production downtimes are minimised. If spare parts are in stock and orders are placed by 1:00 pm, they will be shipped out on the same day.

Assembly: everything is complete

At EDELMANN PRINTING MACHINES, every printing machine is completely assembled, adjusted and used for printing before it is disassembled, packed, shipped and re-assembled on the customers‘ premises and put in operation.


Inspection of your EDELMANN printing machine

Starting immediately, we are offering inspections for your EDELMANN printing machine. In the inspection, the machine is checked for possible defects and optimisations.

1 day  – distance of 300 km          =    700 €
2 days – distance of more than 300 km = 1.400 €

After having received the inspection order, a separate assembly time is scheduled.
Depending on the order volume, you will be charged between 20% – 50% of the inspection costs.

2.000 € 20%
3.000 € 30%
4.000 € 40%
2.000 € 20%
over 5.000 € 50%